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Whole Wheat Flour Cheese Tacos|Cheese Corn Tacos |Whole Wheat Flour Tacos

cheese corn tacos recipe with step by step photos.

Tacos is basically traditional Mexican dish , but now its famous everywhere like pizza and most of the people love to eat. Now in a days there are so many types of tacos are available , everyone making it with their own choice of tacos sheet and stuffing. And this is the best thing of this recipe that you can customize as per your taste.

Today in this recipe shows you cheese corn tacos , and used only whole wheat flour to make taco sheets , as you can also get readymade tacos sheet from market.

Some points to be noted :

  • For tacos sheet you can use all purpose flour also , its totally depends upon you but I suggest to use whole wheat flour
  • In stuffing you can add any veggies , beans of your choice
  • Add cheese less or more as per your preference
  • Here showing my version of tacos hope you will like it ,so let’s get started





  • 1.5 cup whole wheat flour

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1 cup boiled corn kernles

  • 1 cup grated cheese (processed + Mozzarella)

  • chili flakes

  • oregano

  • tomato ketchup

  • butter/ghee to roast tacos

take 1.5 cup whole wheat flour into the mixing bowl, add ½ tsp salt

add 1 tsp oil

mix well and add water as required and make a soft dough

after dough comes to gather, knead it for 1 minute

apply some oil and give rest for 10-15 minutes

after 15 minute knead again for 1 minute and divide into small equal part

take some dry flour and roll it

roll it not too thin OR thick

dry roast on medium till get light design

you can store this sheet and later just stuff it roast it and serve.

For Stuffing

Take a mixing bowl , add 1 cup cheese ( processed + mozzarella )  OR you can use any one

Add 1 cup corn kernels

Chili flakes and oregano as per your taste

Mix well everything that’s it stuffing is ready ( isn’t it simple ?)

Now let’s assemble our tacos

Take a sheet and apply tomato ketchup

Put stuffing one side

Put some extra cheese (totally optional) , and Fold it

Now on hot tawa apply some ghee/butter

Put tacos on tawa , taking 2 at a time

Roast both side till golden crispy

And that’s it yummy cheese corn tacos is ready to serve

hope you like the whole wheat flour tacos recipe so please give it a try and share your feedback in comment section.

happy Cooking!!

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