Moong dal Halva

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Moogdal Halwa | Moongdal Halwa Recipe | Indian Dessert

We Indians always ready to eat dessert. Any occasion , celebration , function, festivals are incomplete without sweet. There are many Indian  traditional sweet dish we can prepare,  Today we are going to make a very delicious dessert called MoongDal Halwa.

Moond dal is great source of protein , eating moongdal in any foam of recipe is beneficial for our body. There is many recipes we can make from moongdal. Today we will preapre one of the delicious dessert recipe – Mooong Dal Halwa. 

First let me tell you this recipe takes some time so don’t make when you are in rush. Take your time and then start to make this recipe.

First lets see the ingredients :-

  • 1 Cup Moong dal
  • 1 Cup ghee
  • 1 Cup full cream milk
  • 1 Cup – Sugar

First of all take a 1 cup moongdal  and soak up to 1 hour. Then blend it to make a smooth paste.

In a nonstick pan add ghee and let it melt properly .  now add moongdal paste in the pan.  Stir moongdal paste and ghee upto 15 minutes.  After that you can see ghee is absorbed again stir it continuously. Halwa will release the ghee after stiring it.

Stir it until halwa change the color yellow to golden brown.  Now add milk stir it well until halwa become thick.  Add sugar and mix all very well. You can see halwa gets thicker. Now add some chopped almonds, add some raisins. Pour in serving bowl serve hot.  Enjoy the Moong Dal Halwa. 

Happy Cooking 🙂

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